Based out of the Bay Area, "Random and Beautiful" is a trend inspired online shop with handmade accessories and reconstructed apparel by Kimberly “Kimmy” Carrera that was from open 2011 to 2015.


ONLINE SHOP (Official Closed)

Artist,  Blanda Eggenschwiler  wearing the "Curved Tube Necklace" set.

Artist, Blanda Eggenschwiler wearing the "Curved Tube Necklace" set.


BEHIND THE NAME: "Random and Beautiful" is concept that in life come things that can appear to one’s view as random and/or beautiful. This shop brings a uniqueness factor and a 'one of a kind' appeal to each product released. This means, no two pairs/items we sell are often exactly alike. The slightest imperfections and differences make each order special in their own way. 
HOW IT STARTED: Owner, Kimmy has been fond of the idea of fashion and art. Combining the two with the idea of crafting - do it yourself, she discovered how to make slowly make her own accessories. First starting out as giving them as little gifts to friends and family, she decided to spread her designs publicly after being motivated by others to open up a shop of her own. 
WHAT INSPIRED R&B: What inspired the designs and products is life and loves. There is a beauty and randomness appeal within family, friends, art, trends, beauty, fashion, music, history, nature, location and culture. The products designed are also inspired by Kimmy's current trend obsessions and loves, in hopes others fall in love as well.